Reassign a Task from Your Task List

To reassign a task from your My Tasks list, do the procedure in this topic.

Reassign Task screen

Reassign Task screen


How to Start

  1. Do one of these:
    • In AgilePoint NX, click Work Center.
    • In SharePoint, go to the AgilePoint NX Dashboard.
    • In Salesforce, click the AgilePoint Dashboard tab.
  2. Click the My Tasks or In Queue tab.
  3. Click your task name.


  1. On the task option list, click Reassign Task Reassign Task icon.
  2. On the Reassign Task screen, complete these fields as necessary.
    Field Name Definition

    Assigned User

    Shows the participant assigned to the task.
    Accepted Values:
    Read only.

    Reassign To

    Specifies a user to assign the task.

    The list of users in this field depends on the setting for the This Department / Search by Full Name field.

    Accepted Values:
    A user name from the list.
    Default Value: