Show a Report on the User Statistics Screen (Classic Work Center)

To show a report on a custom tab on the User Statistics screen in Classic Work Center, do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: Add Report

Add Report screen

Background and Setup


How to Start

  1. Click Work Center.

    Click Work Center
  2. On the Work Center screen, click User Statistics.

    Click User Statistics


  1. On the User Statistics screen, click Edit Layout.

    Click Edit Layout
  2. Click Add Tab.

    Click Add Tab
  3. On the new tab, click Add Report.

    Click Add Report Tab
  4. On the Add Report screen, in the Choose Report field, select the report to show.

    When you select the report in the Choose Report field, the Header field shows the name you selected in Choose Report field by default. You can also specify a custom header name.

    Click Choose Report
  5. In the Header Color field, select the font color.

    Click Header Color
  6. Click Ok.