Add a Delegation (Classic Work Center)

To add a delegation, in Classic Work Center do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: Add Delegation screen

Add Delegation screen

Background and Setup


How to Start

  1. Click Work Center.

    Click Work Center
  2. Click Inbox.

    Click Inbox
  3. Click the Delegations tab.

    Click Delegations tab
  4. On the Delegations tab, click Add Delegation.

    Click Add Delegation


  1. On the Add Delegation screen, in the Originally Assigned To field, enter the user name to whom the task was first assigned.

    Enter User Name
  2. In the Delegated To field, enter a participant to whom to temporarily reassign a task when the assigned participant is not available.

    Enter Participant
  3. In the Description field, enter the description for the delegation.

    Enter Description
  4. In the From field, select the date the delegation starts.

    Enter From Date
  5. In the To field, select the date the delegation stops.

    Enter To Date
  6. In the What days will the delegation apply? field, select the days the delegation takes effect.

    Select Days
  7. To make the delegation active, select the Activate Delegation field.

    Click Activate Delegation
  8. Click Ok.