Create a Linked Work Item for a Task (Classic Work Center)

To create a linked work item for other participants in Classic Work Center, do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: Create Linked Work Item

Create Linked Work Item

Background and Setup


Good to Know

  • Once you create the linked work item, a duplicate task starts for the specified user.
  • This duplicate task does not need to complete for the process to move forward.

How to Start

  1. Click Work Center.

    Click Work Center
  2. Click Inbox.

    Click Inbox
  3. Click the My Tasks tab.

    Click My Tasks tab


  1. On the My Tasks tab, click [Task Name] > Create Linked Work Item.

    Click Create Linked Work Item
  2. On the Create Linked Worked Item screen, in the Select User field, enter the participant to whom to assign the linked work item.

    Select User
  3. In the Time Unit field, select the unit of time for the task to expire.

    Select Task Unit
  4. In the Duration field, enter the number of time units to complete the task.

    Select Duration
  5. (Optional) To represent the time span as business hours, select Business Time.

    Select Business Time
  6. Click Create.