Clone App Details screen (Form-Based App)

Creates a new application clone.

Figure: Clone App Details screen

Clone App Details screen

Good to Know

  • After you create a form-based app, you cannot change the app to use a different data source. For example, you can not change a form-based app to use a different entity or SharePoint list than the one specified when the app was created. This limitation also applies to cloned apps. That is, you cannot clone a form-based app, and then change the data source in the cloned app.

How to Start

  1. Click App Builder.

    Build Apps screen
  2. On the App Explorer screen, select a form-based app.

    Select Form Based App
  3. Click Clone App.

    Click Clone App


Field NameDefinition

Selected App Name

Shows the name of the selected app to clone.
Accepted Values:
Read only.
Default Value:
The display name for your app.

New App Name

Specifies a name for your application clone.
Accepted Values:
One line of text that can have spaces.
Default Value:

Choose App Details to Clone

Specifies the application clone details to clone.

Some application resource are mandatory to create the application clone. For others, you may need to configure the application resource again if you do not select to clone it.

Accepted Values:
  • Selected - Specifies to clone the resource to the new app.
  • Deselected - Specifies to not clone the resource to the new app.
Default Value: