(Example) Thumbnail Card Widget in Page Builder

This example shows how to add a Thumbnail Card widget on a custom page.

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Good to Know

  • This example shows how to create a thumbnail card that uses a YouTube thumbnail URL as the use case.
  • This is a simple example. It is not intended as a real-world use case.

How to Start

  1. Do one of these:
  2. On the Custom Page Design screen, click Add Row

    Custom Page screen
  3. Click Add Widget.

    Custom Page Design screen


  1. On the Pick A Widget screen, click the Card tab.

    Card Tab
  2. On the Card tab, click Thumbnail Card Thumbnail Card icon.

    Thumbnail Card Widget
  3. On the New Widget - Thumbnail Card screen, in the Thumbnail URL field, enter https://www.youtube.com/thumbnail-img/AgilePoint/vi/0.jpg.

    New Thumbnail Card Widget screen
  4. Click Add.

    The Page Builder shows the Thumbnail Card widget on the custom page.

    Thumbnail Card Widget Custom Page
  5. On the Thumbnail Card widget, enter the value for the fields Card Title, Card Sub Title, and Card description.

    Thumbnail Card Widget Values
  6. Click Save.

    Save Thumbnail Card Widget
  7. Publish the custom page.

    The Thumbnail Card widget shows on the published page.

    Published Page