Summary Fields screen

Configures the summary fields for a process-based app.

Figure: Summary Fields screen

Summary Fields screen


Good to Know

  • A summary field shows in Modern Work Center after you add it in the Summary Fields screen. It is not required to publish the app to show the summary fields.
  • This field shows only simple data, such as strings, numbers, or dates. It can not show complex data, such as repeating schema elements, or data from subforms.
  • This field shows only in Modern Work Center. It does not show in Classic Work Center.
  • This field shows to users who have permission to see the app in Modern Work Center.

    Modern Work Center only considers whether a runtime app user has access to an app when it shows summary fields. It does not consider other security permissions within the app, such as whether specific users or groups can access entities or eForm. AgilePoint recommends that app designers consider data security when they create summary fields.

How to Start

  1. Click App Builder.

    Build Apps screen
  2. On the Application Explorer screen, select a process-based app.

    Click Process Based App
  3. Click Summary Fields.

    Click Summary Fields


Field NameDefinition

Display Name

Specifies the label that describes the data in Modern Work Center.
Accepted Values:
One line of text that can have spaces.
Default Value:


Specifies the variable whose value shows in the summary field.
Accepted Values:
A process data variable.
Default Value:

Add Row Add Row icon

Adds a row to create a summary field.

Delete Delete icon

Deletes a summary field row.