Configure the Names of the Tasks in a Process

To configure the names of the tasks in a process, do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: Task Names screen

Task Names screen

Video: Process Builder Interface

How to Start

  1. Open Process Builder.

    For information about how to open this screen, refer to Process Builder.

    Open Process Builder
  2. In Process Builder, click Misc > Task Names.

    Click Task Names


  1. On the Task Names screen, complete this field as necessary.
    Field NameDefinition

    Task Names

    Specifies the name of the task that shows in a participant's task list.
    Accepted Values:
    One line of text (a string) that represents the name of the task.
    Default Value:
  2. (Optional) Click Add Add icon to create add a task.
  3. (Optional) Click Delete Delete icon to delete a task.