Language Editor screen

Lets you create, change, or delete language for your eForm.

Adds language files that you can use in your eForms. You can specify the custom keys from these files to add locale text to your eForm. For example, you can change the Save button text in a language that the user selects, such as Chinese or French.

Figure: Language Editor screen

Language Editor screen

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How to Start

  1. Click Manage.

    Click Manage
  2. In the Manage Center, click App Builder > eForms Settings.

    Click eForms Settings
  3. On the eForms Settings screen, click Language.

    Click Language Eform Settings


Field NameDefinition
Back Back icon
Goes to the previous screen.

Add a New Language Add a New Language icon

Opens this Screen:
Add a New Language screen
Function of this Screen:
Lets you create a new language for your eForm.
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