(Example) Create a Picklist Item

This example shows how to create a picklist item for a picklist in Data Entities.

Background and Setup


Good to Know

  • In this example, a new picklist item Visa is added to the Payment Method picklist.

How to Start

  1. Click App Builder.

    Build Apps screen
  2. On the App Explorer screen, click Data Entities.

    Click Data Entities Screen
  3. On the Data Entities Home screen, click Picklists.

    Click Picklists screen
  4. On the Picklists screen, click the picklist in which to create a picklist item..

    In this example, the picklist name is Payment Method.

    Click Payment Method Picklist
  5. On the Picklists screen, click Add Item.

    Click Picklist Item


  1. On the New Item screen, in the Display Name field, enter Visa.

    Picklist Item Display Name

    When you click the Value field, it shows the value you entered in the Display Name field with no spaces.

    Picklist Item Internal Name
  2. In the Description field, enter the description for the picklist item.

    In this example, the description is Indicates a Visa payment or account. Apps that use this option are expected to initiate a Visa payment or present options related to a Visa account to the user.

    Enter Description
  3. Click Save.

    The Picklist screen shows the new picklist item, Visa.

    Create Picklist Item