Create Databases for AgilePoint NX

AgilePoint requires three or more databases, depending upon the AgilePoint NX components you install. You must create these databases on your database server.


Good to Know

  • AgilePoint recommends that you create the databases before installing your AgilePoint components. If you have not created the database before installation, you may be able to create the database during the installation process, but only under the following conditions:
    • You are installing the component on the same physical machine as your database server.
    • The user account that you are using during installation has db_owner privileges on the database server.
  • Regardless of whether you create the AgilePoint database before or during AgilePoint Server installation, it is only necessary to create the database. The database tables are created automatically during installation.
  • It is recommended to configure permissions for the SQL database account for AgilePoint, which grants INSERT,UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT, … by schema (namespace), ONLY on AgilePoint tables at the database level, instead of using the generic dbo schema to restrict access.

How to Start

  1. Make sure your SQL Server is up and running.
  2. Open the SQL Server Management Studio:
    1. On your AgilePoint Server machine, click Start, and type Run.
    2. Click Run.
    3. On the Run screen, in the Open field, enter SSMS.exe.
    4. Click OK.


Repeat the following instructions to create the databases listed in the AgilePoint Databases section, depending upon the AgilePoint components you want to install.

  1. In SQL Server Management Studio, Right-click on Databases and select New Database.
  2. On the New Database screen, enter a database name.

AgilePoint Databases

ComponentDatabase Name (Suggested but Optional)Database Optional for Component?Function

Workflow Database



Stores application data in AgilePoint NX. This is the main AgilePoint NX database.

Data Entities



Stores the data for the Data Entities component in AgilePoint NX.

Portal Master



Stores overall information for all AgilePoint NX Portal tenants.

Portal Tenant



Stores non-workflow data for an AgilePoint NX Portal tenant.

Data Services



An AgilePoint server-side application that stores data you want to track and report in AgilePoint processes

After your installation is complete, if you want to use advanced mode, create a table that is named based on the application, and create the table columns based on the fields from the form. The Primary Key should be the process instance ID (type varchar 50).

Analytics Center



The database for Analytics Center.