Download Installation Files to the Local Machine

To install AgilePoint NX, download the installation package to your AgilePoint Server machine.

Good to Know

  • The default location for the installer is C:\AgilePoint. It is recommended that you decompress the installation package directly under you C:\ drive folder. The installation file path must be less than 50 characters.
  • After you download an installation or upgrade package from AgilePoint, before you extract the package, make sure the file is not blocked by Windows:
    1. Right-click the installation package file, and click Properties.
    2. On the file properties screen, select Unblock.
  • If you do attempt to install when the installation files are located on a network drive (or some other remote location), the setup application may fail to run with an error message similar to the following:
    An exception 'System.Security.Policy.PolicyException' has occurred in Setup.