Create Aliases for AgilePoint Server Machines

Before you install AgilePoint, make sure that your AgilePoint Server machines use aliases, rather than IP addresses. This is strictly required for environments that use multiple AgilePoint Servers in network load balancing (NLB) configurations, but for single server installations, it is highly recommended.

Good to Know

  • Server aliases are a recommended best practice. If after you install AgilePoint Server on multiple machines, the machines cannot communicate using aliases, you can configure the servers to use IP addresses.

    For more information, refer to Configuring Ascentn.AgilePoint.WCFService.exe.config


  1. Create aliases for your AgilePoint Server machines.

    The physical hardware is normally abstracted using DNS or FQDN entries registered on the network.

  2. To verify that the proper entries have been created and are available on the network, ping the DNS Name or FQDN and make sure that the correct IP address is returned.