How to Escalate a Task that is Assigned to a Group, but No One Claims It After 24 Hours?


If a task is being assigned to more than one person, and if no one claims the task after 24 hours, they want to escalate the task to another user.


The escalation can be easily accomplished using the human task activities. Please see below for more details.


The above scenario can be accomplished with the following process map:

Escalate Task Process Model screen

For the Review activity, tasks will be assigned to multiple people and the timeout duration will be set as 24 hours.

The following is how you set up the Review activity.

E-mail Notifications Reassignment tab

For the Time Span, in the General Configuration screen, select Hour as the Unit and enter 24 as the length. Make sure you deselect the My Organization's Business Time field to specify the 24 hours is NOT Business Hours.

Assign the activity to a group using the Participants configuration screen. In this example, an AgilePoint group Reviewers is assigned. The Max. Participant property is set to '1' in this example which means only one person is needed to claim and perform the task.

With these settings, if one of the people in the Reviewers group claims and performs the task within the 24 hours, the process will move to the next activity which is the 'Approve' activity.

However, if no one claims the task after 24 hours, the Review activity will be timed out and the process will be routed to the Escalated Review activity in which you will assign the same Review (Work To Perform) task or a different work to perform task to another person.