Personalize AgilePoint NX

To personalize AgilePoint NX, do the procedure in this topic.

How to Start

  1. Click Settings.



  1. Configure these as necessary.

    Portal Branding

    Configures the branding for your portal site, such as site name, logo, and banner.

    Portal Manage Modules

    Specifies whether to show the AgilePoint components on your portal site. For example, Work Center, Manage, Build Apps, Report, Collaborate, and Help.

    Work Center Settings screen (Classic)

    Configures the settings for Classic Work Center.

    Work Center Settings screen (Modern)

    Configures the settings for Modern Work Center.

    Build Apps Common Settings

    Configures the items that show in the App Builder.

    App Builder Process Designer Settings screen

    Configures the Process Builder. For example, enable quick start wizard for new app and allow deleting app permanently.

    Build Apps Form Designer

    Configures the settings for eForm Builder. For example, launch configuration window and toolbar settings.

    Page Builder Settings screen

    Configures Page Builder. For example, default page name, allow to delete pages, and enable demo pages.

    Data Entity Settings screen

    Configures the entity in AgilePoint NX. For example, allow custom entity deletion, save, and reset.

    Tenant Settings

    Configures your AgilePoint NX tenant. For example, tenant information, mobile eForm settings, and reset storage key.