Process Viewer screen

Shows a picture of your process with the task status updated in real time.

Figure: Process Viewer screen

Process Viewer screen

Background and Setup

Good to Know

  • This screen may look different in different places. The UI varies for this screen depending upon how you open it. However, the fields for this screen are the same in all places.
  • Documentation for this screen is provided for completeness. The fields are mostly self-explanatory.


Field NameDefinition

Zoom In (+) / Zoom Out (-)

Lets the user zoom in / zoom out the process instance to see more information or less information about the process.

Pin Out Pin Out icon

Opens a process instance in a new tab with full screen mode.

This field is available in these releases:

Suspend Process Suspend icon

Suspends a running process.

Cancel Process Cancel Process icon

Cancels a process instance.

Process Instance Information Process Instance Information icon

Shows information about the specified app and process instance, such as app name, process model name, process instance name, and status.
Accepted Values:
Read only.