System Settings

The System area allows you to specify the identity and authentication information for the AgilePoint system user, and the maximum number of threads that AgilePoint will be able to use at runtime while handling workflow requests.

The System User and Password fields should contain the same values that you would use when logging into Windows. However, if you are installing AgilePoint Server on a Windows Server that is a Domain Controller, you cannot use a local administrator account as the AgilePoint Server System User, because the domain controller will not recognize local accounts. To successfully configure AgilePoint Server on a Windows Server domain controller, check the Active Directory check box, and specify the domain name and administrator account that belongs to the domain controlled by the domain controller.

For thread pool sizing, anything between 10-100 should be fine. In most cases, a thread pool size of 10 provides a good balance between concurrent processing and server resource optimization.

Note: In some cases, additional tweaking of thread pool sizing may improve performance when heavy CPU usage is apparent for processing AgileParts versus AgileWorks. This finite control over thread pool sizing can be accomplished via the AgilePoint Server Configuration file (i.e. netflow.cfg). For more information, refer to Configuring the AgilePoint Server Thread Pool Size.