Checking the AgilePoint SharePoint Integration Log Files

AgilePoint SharePoint Integration creates and maintains log files to store certain informational, warning, and/or error messages about the server and the workflow engine. These log files are created automatically.


  • To access the FTP location, the Impersonator user must have write permission on FTP server.

How to Start

  1. In SharePoint, open the AgilePoint Configuration List .


  1. To access the logs, simply view the relevant files using a text editor.

    The location of the log files comes from the AgilePoint Configuration List in SharePoint, for example C:\NewSPLog. You can give the FTP location also, for example ftp://myftpsite/AgilePontSharePoint/Log).

    Some of the log files are only created when additional Debug mode logging is enabled.

  2. You can provide switches for logging. The following are the available switches:
    • All 
    • Info
    • Debug
    • Error
    • None

    You can give multiple switches separating by a comma (,). For example, Debug, error, Info.