Add the AgilePoint NX App to Your SharePoint Site Collection

To add the AgilePoint SharePoint Integration App Part to your SharePoint site in Microsoft 365, ​do the procedure in this topic.

Video: Using SharePoint List Forms with AgilePoint


  • SharePoint for Microsoft 365.
  • You are logged in to SharePoint as a Site Collection Administrator.
  • The AgilePoint App Part requires the following permissions to run:
    • Create or delete document libraries or lists in the site collection.
    • Full control of the site.
    • Share permissions with other users.
    • Access basic information about site users.
  • In SharePoint for Microsoft 365, the SharePoint Dashboard App Part does not support the Safari web browser.

How to Start

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365.


  1. Click SharePoint Store in the left pane menu.
  2. In the search box, enter AgilePoint NX.
  3. Click the AgilePoint NX app.
  4. Click Add it.
  5. Click Trust it.