Source Repository Configuration (OneDrive) - Document Transfer

Specifies the original, or source, location for your files on OneDrive in the Document Transfer activity.

Figure: Source Repository Configuration screen (OneDrive)

Source Repository Configuration screen OneDrive


Good to Know

  • Some information about third-party integrations is outside the scope of the AgilePoint NX Product Documentation, and it is the responsibility of the vendors who create and maintain these technologies to provide this information. This includes specific business uses cases and examples; explanations for third-party concepts; details about the data models and input and output data formats for third-party technologies; and various types of IDs, URL patterns, connection string formats, and other technical information that is specific to the third-party technologies. For more information, refer to Where Can I Find Information and Examples for Third-Party Integrations?

How to Start

  1. On the Application Explorer screen, do one of these:
  2. Do one of these:
    • Add an activity:
      1. In the Process Builder, in the Activity Library, open the Document Document icon tab.
      2. On the Document Document icon tab, drag the Document Transfer Document Transfer icon activity onto your process.
    • Change an activity:
      1. In your process, double-click your activity.
  3. On the Source Repository screen, click OneDrive OneDrive icon.
  4. Click Source Detail Configuration Source Detail Configuration icon.


Field Name Definition


Specifies the access token that connects to your OneDrive service.
Accepted Values:
A list of access tokens configured for your environment.
Default Value:
Accepts Process Data Variables:
Refer to:

Add Token Add Token icon

Opens this Screen:
Access Token for OneDrive
Function of this Screen:
Configure an access token to connect to OneDrive.
Refer to:

Folder Path

Specifies the absolute path or ID of the folder.
Accepted Values:
  • Choose Folder Path - Specifies an absolute path for the folder.
  • Dynamic Folder Path - Specifies a folder ID or a process data variable that stores the ID of the folder.
Default Value:
Dynamic Folder Path
  • MyFolder1/Sample3.doc
  • C6BC5F5BBD6E1C0B

File Name/Filter

Specifies the file name or a set of files expressed with the filter expression to search within the specified source location.
Accepted Values:
  • File Name - Specifies the name of the file in your storage source location.
  • Filter - Specifies a file name or a filter string that uses asterisks (*) as wildcards.
Default Value:
Accepts Process Data Variables:
These are some examples of filter expressions:
  • *.* - All files are searched.
  • *.txt - The files that have the .txt file extension are searched.
  • *.pdf - The files that have the .pdf file extension are searched.
  • MyFile.* - All files start with MyFile are searched.
  • *[part of file name]* - All files that contain the specified part of file name are searched.
  • *.xml - The files that have the .xml file extension are searched.
  • *.doc - The files that have the .doc file extension are searched.
  • MyFile.xml - Only the specific file MyFile.xml is searched.

The filter action is done at the source location specified in the activity.


Specifies if the activity's action — such as copy, upload, or delete — is recursive. In other words, it specifies if the activity does the action again in the subfolders of the target location
Accepted Values:
  • Deselected - The activity does the action only on the files in the specified source folder. There is no effect on files in subfolders.
  • Selected - The activity does the action on the files in the specified source folder, as well as the files in the subfolders.
Default Value:

Delete source files after moving to destination

Specifies if the activity deletes the files from the source folder after it moves the files to the target folder.
Accepted Values:
  • Selected - The activity deletes the files from the source folder or subfolder after it moves the files to the target folder.
  • Deselected - The activity does not delete the files from the source folder and subfolders.
Default Value: