OneDrive tab

This section gives full information about the activities on the OneDrive tab.

Good to Know

  • Documentation for Third-Party Integrations

    The highest priority for AgilePoint NX Product Documentation is accuracy. Whenever feasible, AgilePoint provides input details, business rules, or example values for third-party products. However this information is subject to change without notice to AgilePoint. Because we can not guarantee the accuracy of this information, the details provided for third-party product input values, as well as examples for third-party product integrations, are limited in the AgilePoint documentation. It is the responsibility of third-party vendors to provide documentation related to these aspects of their software and services.

    For examples of use case implementations or configuration field input values for third-party products, AgilePoint recommends these resources:

    • AgilePoint Community Forums - An AgilePoint-moderated, crowd-sourcing user forum where you can ask questions about specific techniques, the solutions to use cases, workarounds, or other topics that may not be covered in the Product Documentation.
    • Third-Party Vendor Documentation - Whenever feasible, AgilePoint provides links to third-party documentation.
    • Professional Services - If you can not find the information you need for your specific business problem, mentoring is available through AgilePoint Professional Services.

Activities in Process Builder

You can use out-of-the-box activities for OneDrive to execute actions in process-based apps.

An activity is a functional unit, or task, in a process-based app. Activities that integrate with a third-party system provide access to the API functionality for that system in a simple, point-and-click, form-entry format. This means that you can easily leverage APIs without writing code.

OneDrive Activities

The following activities are available for OneDrive:

  • Create File Shared Link
  • Create Folder Shared Link
  • Create Folder
  • Delete File
  • Delete Folder
  • Get File Info
  • Get Folder Info
  • Get Storage Info
  • Get User Info
  • Update File
  • Update Folder

For more information, refer to the process activities for OneDrive in Process Builder.