Windows Azure Active Directory tab

This section gives full information about the activities on the Windows Azure Active Directory tab.


Good to Know

  • Documentation for Integrations with Third-Party, External, or Open Source Technologies

    For examples of use case implementations or configuration field input values for third-party products, AgilePoint recommends these resources.For more information, refer to Where Can I Find Information and Examples for Third-Party Integrations?

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      This does not include technology standards or protocols, such as JavaScript, REST, or FTP. Resources for these technical standards are publicly available on the Internet.

Activities in Process Builder

You can use out-of-the-box activities for Windows Azure Active Directory to execute actions in process-based apps.

An activity is a functional unit, or task, in a process-based app. Activities that integrate with a third-party system provide access to the API functionality for that system in a simple, point-and-click, form-entry format. This means that you can easily leverage APIs without writing code.

Figure: Process Activities for Windows Azure Active Directory

Process Activities for Windows Azure Active Directory

The following activities are available for Windows Azure Active Directory:

  • Add Users To Group
  • Create Group
  • Create User
  • Delete Group
  • Delete Group Members
  • Delete Users
  • Get Groups
  • Get Group Members
  • Reset User Password
  • Retrieve User Profile
  • Update Group
  • Update User

For more information, refer to the process activities for Windows Azure Active Directory in Process Builder.