How Do I Make the Work Center the NX Portal Home Page?

This document shows how to configure AgilePoint NX Portal so the Work Center is the home page.

Background and Setup



Good to Know

  • The Raw HTML widget is required to use custom JavaScript in Page Builder.
  • Only a JavaScript file that is created in Page Builder can be used in the Raw HTML widget. You can not enter JavaScript code directly in the widget.
  • These elemets are not supported in the Raw HTML widget:
    • <html>
    • <body>
    • <head>
    • <style>
    • <meta>
    • <link>
    • <title>

How to Start

  1. Click Page Builder.

    Build Pages
  2. On the Home screen, in the left pane, click Library.

    Click Library
  3. In the left pane, click JavaScript.

    Click JavaScript
  4. On the JavaScript screen, click Add JavaScript.

    Add JavaScript

Step 1: Create a JavaScript File

  1. On the Add New JavaScript Page, in the Display Name field, enter Redirect to Work Center.

    When you click the Internal Name field, this field completes by default based on the value you enter in Display Name field. You can also specify your own internal name. After the internal name is created, you can not change it..

    Add New JavaScript Page screen
  2. Click Add.

    The Redirect To Work Center file is added to the JavaScript library.

    Add JavaScript File

Step 2: Enter the Redirect to Work Center JavaScript Code

  1. Click Edit JavaScript Edit JavaScript icon.

    Enter JavaScript
  2. On the rigt pane, add this JavaScript code to JavaScript snippet.
    function init() {
      return {
      onWidgetMount: function (ev) { 
      // write your code here....
      location.href = "/workcenter/index";
      onWidgetUnmount: function (ev) {
      // write your code here...

    Save JavaScript file
  3. Click Save And Commit Save And Commit icon.

    Save JavaScript file

Step 3: Add the JavaScript to a Custom Page

Add the JavaScript in the Raw HTML widget to a custom page.

How to Start

  1. Do one of these:
  2. On the Custom Page Design screen, click Add Row.

    Custom Page screen
  3. Click Add Widget.

    Custom Page Design screen


  1. On the Pick A Widget screen, click the Content tab.

    Pick A Widget screen
  2. On the Content tab, click Raw HTML Raw HTML icon.

    Raw HTML Widget
  3. On the New Widget - Raw HTML screen, in HTML Content field, enter any valid HTML code.

    New Raw HTML Widget
  4. In the JavaScript Files list, select Redirect to Work Center.

    This connects the JavaScript file with the Raw HTML widget.

    JavaScript File field
  5. Click Add.

    Page Builder shows the Raw HTML widget.

    Raw HTML widget Custom Page

Step 4: Publish the Custom Page

  1. On the Custom Page Design screen, click Check In Check In icon.

    CheckIn Custom Page
  2. Click Publish.

    Publish Custom Page
  3. On the Publish screen, click Publish.

    Click Publish

    The Page Builder shows the published custom page screen.

    Published Custom Page

Step 5: Set Work Center As the NX Portal Home Page

  1. On the published custom page screen, click Set As Home Page.

    Published Custom Page
  2. Click Home.

    Published Custom Page

    The AgilePoint NX home page redirects to Work Center and shows this screen as the home page.

    Work Center Inbox screen