How to Complete a Work Item in Asynchronous Web Service call with NeedCallBack Set to True?


Trying to get the asynchronous web service call to work for an activity with NeedCallBack property set to true. Does it require coding and what API should be used?


When NeedCallBack is set to true, the activity can only be completed by explicit API call CompleteProcedure(wID).


For asynchronous web service calls to work with the NeedCallBack property set to true, the work item will wait for an explicit call back in order to complete. This call back could be from a 3rd party component which completes the work item explicitly through custom code.

In this scenario, you will be completing an automatic work item, the API to use is CompleteProcedure(wID) in which work item ID (wID) must be passed in as the argument.

NOTE: In order to send the wID, please use the $WorkItemID (case sensitive) as one of the Input Parameters.