(Example) Button Widget in Page Builder

This example shows how to add a Button widget on a custom page.

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Good to Know

  • This example shows how to create a button that uses the AgilePoint Video Portal as the target.
  • This is a simple example. It is not intended as a real-world use case.

How to Start

  1. Do one of these:
  2. On the Custom Page Design screen, click Add Row.

    Custom Page screen
  3. Click Add Widget.

    Custom Page Design screen


  1. On the Pick A Widget screen, click the Content tab.

    Pick A Widget screen
  2. On the Content tab, click Button Button icon.

    Button Widget
  3. On the New Widget - Button screen, in the Button Text field, enter AgilePoint Videos.

    New Button Widget screen
  4. In the Navigate to URL field, enter https://video.agilepoint.com/.

    Button Widget URL field
  5. Click Add.

    The Page Builder shows the Button widget.

    Button Widget Custom Page
  6. Click Save.

    Save Button Widget Page
  7. Publish a custom page.

    For more information, refer to (Example) Custom Page in Page Builder.

    The Button widget shows on the published page.

    Published Page