Add Process Initiators

To make users or groups process initiators, do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: Process Initiators tab

Process Initiators tab

Video: Set Application Permissions

Video: App Permissions


  • On the Tenant Settings screen, set Enable Application Permission Control to Yes.

Good to Know

How to Start

  1. In the Manage Center, click Application Management Application Management icon > Permissions.
  2. On the Permissions screen, click Application Permissions.
  3. On the Application Permissions screen, in the APPLICATIONS list, select your application.
  4. Click Edit Edit icon.
  5. On the Permission Settings screen, click the Process Initiators tab.


  1. On the Process Initiators tab, select the Process Check Box for the processes to add process initiator permissions.
  2. Click Edit Edit icon.
  3. On the Edit Process Initiator screen, in the Available Members list, select if you want to add a user or group.
  4. In the Available Members - Search field, enter the name of the user or group.
  5. Click Search Search icon.
  6. Select the users or groups to add the process initiator application permissions.
  7. Click Add Member Add Member icon.