Fixes for SharePoint Integration

The following issues have been fixed in this release for SharePoint Integration.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6, Hotfix 1

In the File Upload activity, the create new folder option does not create a new folder in SharePoint 2010.
In SharePoint-based processes, the CAML Query activity throws this error:
Index was outside the bounds of the array.
The CAML Query activity only gets items within the root level of a list or library. It does not get items from folders.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6

​For the SharePoint Dashboard running on a secondary SharePoint site collection, eForms fail to open if the root level site collection does not have permission." The Create List Item activity fails if the SharePoint list type is Tasks.
​The Create List Item activity fails if the SharePoint list type is Tasks.
Processes that use SharePoint lists as a data source store the list columns as process data.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 5, Hotfix 1

SharePoint Integration has been localized for French language.
In non-English environments the SharePoint Dashboard shows the label key.
SharePoint for Office 365 fails to upload large files.

SAgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 4

The SharePoint Dashboard Task List follows column ordering that is the same as the one specified in the Work Center settings in the AgilePoint NX portal.
In SharePoint Dashboard, the ShowActivtyNameInTaskList property does not work as expected.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 3

Participants can open external ASP.NET tasks in the SharePoint Dashboard Web Part or Office 365 App Part.
You can use on-premises SharePoint Integration with AgilePoint NX OnDemand in a public cloud environment.
eForms show in the SharePoint Web Part or Office 365 App Part, instead of redirecting to a form render page in the AgilePoint NX Portal.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 1

AgilePoint SharePoint Integration Web Parts fail to load on a SharePoint subsite.
SharePoint based processes fail to start the SharePoint workflow if the access token changes for the associated SharePoint data source.
In the Word Creator and Document Transfer activities, if you select SharePoint Document Repository as a source or target, it stores the SharePoint document path instead of the ListItem ID of the document as response attribute value.
The AgilePoint Dashboard > My Apps tab shows all versions of each process, not just the released version.