Fixes for AgilePoint Server

The following issues have been fixed in this release for AgilePoint Server.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 SP1

The SharePoint access token does not support non-English characters.
If more than one ADSync AgileConnector is configured, only one log file is created.
Authentication fails if the password has a colon (:) character.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6, Hotfix 3

In an environment with more than oneActive Directory domain, if you test the authentication for the Active Directory access token, and the credentials are incorrect, the access token uses the credentials for a different Active Directory domain, so that the test passes, when it should fail.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6, Hotfix 1

The ResendMailDeliverable API method fails to resend some e-mail notifications.
The Create WorkItem API method does not apply delegations to the new task that is created.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6

The Condition activity does not suspended if it fails to find the routing path.
​​E-mail templates fail to resolve shared variables with spaces.
AgilePoint Server takes long time to start if the AgileReports connector is configured.
If a process instance name already exists, the naming convention option to append the name of a new process instance with a GUID does not append the GUID.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 4, Hotfix 2

The EventService AgileConnector does not stop, start, or refresh unless you restart the AgilePoint service.
E-mails are sent with low priority, even if the priority is set to high.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 4

In some rare cases, UndoCheckOut (Clicking Revert button on the menu) tries to delete all previously released versions of the process model, in addition to the draft version of the process model.

This fix was previously released as the critical standalone fix 06.00.0003.01.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 3

Multiple Salesforce and Office 365 environments can integrate with the same AgilePoint NX tenant.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 1

Under AgilePoint Server error logs, on every server restart, an error message states:
Failed to load smart data type 'WSE Service', error=Smart data type 'Ascentn.Workflow.Base.DS_WseSDT' was not found in assembly 'Ascentn.Workflow.WFBase, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=021ca826ae8118aa'.
AgilePoint Server Manager configuration validation fails with the message:
All Fields are mandatory.
File Dropping Event Services, Database Insert Event Services, and Incoming E-mail Event Services on creation of new process instance does not store the initial attributes values if the attribute name is xpath.
Database Insert Event Services does not initiate a new process instance when a new record is inserted into to database.
The Incoming E-mail Event Service does not start a new process instance when a new e-mail comes to the Inbox.