Fixes for AgilePoint NX Portal

The following issues have been fixed in this release for AgilePoint NX Portal.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 SP1

In Settings > Work Center > Tab Settings, changing the tab names disables the Save button.
An error message with backslash (\) gets trimmed.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6, Hotfix 1

Sometimes the Portal branding, logo, and banner do not update when the settings are changed.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6

Changing the tenant administrator throws this error:
User 'domain\username' does not have tenant administrative privilege
‚ÄčIn Work Center Settings > Filters, if not all process models under the application are selected, the filter condition is not saved.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 5, Hotfix 1

The AgilePoint NX Portal has been localized for French language.
After applying Software Update 5, the latest files do not download, which results in browser caching issues.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 5

Bulk user registration does not work for AgilePoint ID.
In Settings > Portal Branding, you can not upload banner or icon images.
Users are not automatically added from Office 365.
Auto Sync is not visible if Office 365 or Salesforce authentication is enabled.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 4, Hotfix 2

For German and a few other non-English language environments, on the Process Viewer page, the progress icon displays in wrong location.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 4

In Settings > Work Center > Common settings, the Show dynamic groups/ roles task setting does not save the settings.
In some cases, auto-sync for Windows Azure Active Directory authentication throws this exception:
Object reference not set to an instance.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 2

The Remember me option on Portal login page does not work.
If a user does not have permissions to access the Report Center, the Reports option still displays in the Portal menu.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 1

In Settings > Tenant Settings > Mobile eForm Settings, the Enable Mobile eForm setting gets reset to No, even after setting it to Yes.
In Settings > Build Apps > Common Settings, you can not save the settings if you logged into 2 tabs with different user names.
In Settings > Admin Settings, the Enabled Authentications section has an option to disable the already activated secondary authentication, make secondary authentication as primary, and a help icon to provide information about the authentication.