Fixes for App Builder

The following issues have been fixed in this release for App Builder.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 SP1

In Shared Resources, JavaScript and CSS files cannot be checked out.
If you rename a process a second time, a File exists validation message shows.
If there is an exception during rollback, an empty message screen shows.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6, Hotfix 3

If you clone an application, the application name is not changed in the Subprocess activity, Form Library, and some other places within the App Builder and the cloned application.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6, Hotfix 2

If you import an app, application level access tokens are not imported.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6, Hotfix 1

In Application Management, if Enable Access for all Users is not selected, it mandatory to add at least one user or group.
The Clone Application option does not create a copy of shared CSS.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 6

The Application Permission settings is missing the Process Initiator tab.
The Undo Checkout action does not check for the access right, "CheckInor UndoCheckOut another user’s changes."

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 5, Hotfix 1

The App Builder has been localized for French language.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 5

SharePoint data source supports SharePoint lists and libraries whose names start with numbers.
This application has been localized for Japanese language.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 4, Hotfix 2

For German and a few other non-English language environments, publish application fails.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 4, Hotfix 1

If Application Permission is enabled in Tenant Settings, if you try to publish an existing application that hasn't been published before, or if you edit any application file and click the publish button, the screen freezes, and shows a loading (…) message.
The process data explorer does not show correctly in Firefox.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 4

You can not create a new application that does not have a process model.
Renaming an e-mail template and opening the process model reverts to the old e-mail template name.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 3

In non-English environments, any error shows an empty message in the error message pop-up screen.
The last modified date for access tokens does not show.
If a file in the status pseudo checkout is deleted, the file lock is not released.
Deleting an application does not delete a process model that has a process instance in the suspended state.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 2

In the Application Builder, the delete document repository option is not enabled.
Publishing an application with an empty process model causes this exception:
Index out of range.
Disabled the option to create more than one process model group because it is undergoing some major enhancements. It will be enabled again in the coming weeks.

AgilePoint NX v6.0 Software Update 1

Special characters are not permitted on the application display name and process display name.
While creating a new application, set the swim lane count in the New Process screen. On navigating to previous screen, and then coming back to New Process screen the number of swim lane count gets reset to 1.
If the application name has a hyphen (-), SharePoint activities and SharePoint lookups fail to resolve the application level access token.
In the recent items section, if a recent item listed and it has been checked out by another user, the link does not open anything when clicked.