Set Up a Common AgilePoint Configuration List for Multiple Site Collections

Note: This configuration step is optional. If you do not complete this step, the current system behavior will remain the same, and the functionality of your AgilePoint system will be unaffected.

By default, each SharePoint site collection has its own AgilePoint Configuration List. This is recommended because it allows you the capability of connecting to different AgilePoint Servers for different SharePoint Site Collections in future. Also, things like different log folders for different SharePoint Site Collections for better tracking would be available.

In a case where you have many SharePoint Site Collections within the same SharePoint Web application and you do not want to maintain the configuration list separately, and all site collections are going to connect to same AgilePoint Server, you can define one common AgilePoint Configuration List in the SharePoint Web Application web.config file.


How to Start

  1. Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration on your SharePoint site.
  2. In a text editor, open the SharePoint Web Application web.config file.


  1. In the SharePoint web.config, add the following key/value nodes:
        <add key="APSettingsListName" value="AgilePoint Configuration" />
        <add key="APSettingsSiteUrl" value="[ShrePoint Site URL]" />
        <add key="APSettingsWebName" value="" />

    Use the following values:

    • APSettingsListName - The name of the AgilePoint Settings List.
    • APSettingsSiteURL - The SharePoint Site URL that contains the common AgilePoint Configuration List. The rest of the site collections will refer to this location and list as long as the individual AgilePoint Configuration list (which is auto-created in the site collection when this feature is activated) is deactivated or removed.
    • APSettingsWebName - If this field is left blank, this means that the AgilePoint Configuration List is located at the top-level site. A value would indicate the Sub site name.