How Do I Add SQL Table Columns to a Report?

To add new SQL table columns to a report, do the procedure in this topic.

Note: The Report Center component (sometimes referred to as AgileReports) can only be used by customers who purchased this component before April 1, 2020. This version is no longer available for purchase, including by current and previous purchasers of AgilePoint NX or the Report Center component. In AgilePoint NX v8.0 and higher, Report Center has been replaced with the Analytics Center component.


  • AgilePoint NX OnPremises or AgilePoint NX Private Cloud.
  • You have a database with a certain number of columns (for example, 5 columns), and a report that uses data from those columns. Based on business requirements, you add columns to the database (for example, 2 new columns), and you want the report to use data from your 2 new columns. To add the new columns to your report, this procedure is required.

Good to Know

How to Start

  1. On your AgilePoint Server machine, open the file [Report Center installation folder]\bin\ahDbAdmin.exe


  1. On the Logi 10 Ad Hoc Management Console screen, click Report database Management > Import Schema.
  2. On the Object and Column Schema Import screen, in the Object Type column, select the updated SQL table.
  3. Click Add Selected.
  4. Click Next.