Why Does an Error Occur when I Configure Report Database Connections in Report Center?


When configuring report database connections in Report Center using ahDBAdmin.exe, the following error shows:

System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException:Could not find a part of the path [Report Center installation folder]\_Definitions\_MobileReports
Note: The Report Center component (sometimes referred to as AgileReports) can only be used by customers who purchased this component before April 1, 2020. This version is no longer available for purchase, including by current and previous purchasers of AgilePoint NX or the Report Center component. In AgilePoint NX v8.0 and higher, Report Center has been replaced with the Analytics Center component.


The error occurs because the _MobileReports folder does not exist under the folder location [Report Center installation folder]\_Definitions.


  1. Create a new folder with the following name and location:

    [Report Center installation folder]\_Definitions\_MobileReports