Failed to Connect Database in AgilePoint Server Log


Failed to connect database 6/15/2006 10:23:51 AM >>> Failed to connect database, tried 0 times, current connections=1 6/15/2006 10:28:01 AM >>> Failed to connect database, tried 0 times, current connections=0

Steps to Reproduce



These warnings are fine as long as the "tried X times" number remains low. AgilePoint Server will automatically re-attempt such failed connections after a brief pause, which usually resolves the problem. The warnings are usually only really serious if you start seeing "tried 64 times", after which it will stop retrying. However, if the warnings are occurring frequently and/or the number of re-attempts is reaching 10 or more, it may indicate an underlying performance or configuration issue that should be analyzed and resolved to ensure optimal runtime performance by the AgilePoint system. The most common causes of such warnings in the log file include:

  • The initial/current DB connection attempt timed out. This typically results from DB server outages, network bandwidth/performance problems, or authentication issues (e.g. the authentication server might be down or responding too slowly).
  • The DB connection could not be established. Possible reasons include DB server outages, invalid authentication credentials, invalid connection strings, lack of available DB server resources (e.g. possibly caused by high load on the DB server), or possibly internal errors or instability within the DB application or the DB server's OS.