Configuring the Swap Out Time

The Swap Out Time configuration option refers to the maximum amount of time a process instance remains in idle before it is swapped out of memory. The maximum swap out time is set to 5 minutes (300 seconds) by default. Increasing the swap out time lets the process stay in memory longer, avoiding the CPU intensive swapping, but keep in mind this may eventually affect capacity. Because swapping consumes a lot of CPU time, it may be beneficial to reduce this number if the CPU is low on memory to improve performance.

To change this setting, open the file netflow.cfg in Notepad, change the value for swapoutTime to a higher/lower value depending on the needs, then save the file. (Any changes to netflow.cfg require an IISReset in order to take effect.)

Adjusting the swap out time should only be a temporary workaround solution. If performance is an issue, investing in another CPU, more memory, or a faster hard drive, is a better solution.