Implementing a Custom Email Notification Delivery Module

By default, AgilePoint uses the .NET Framework for the Email Delivery Module. However, the .NET Framework sometimes may not work as well with some SMTP servers. AgilePoint provides the flexibility to allow you to plug-in your own email delivery module or use a third-party component for the email delivery.

To plug-in your own mail delivery module:

  1. First, implement the interface IWFSMTPService2:
    public interface IWFSMTPService2
      void Authenticate(String smtpServer, String authenticateString);
      void Send(
            String mailDeliverableID,
            System.Text.Encoding encoding,
            Constants.MailFormat format,
            Constants.MailPriority priority,
            String sender,
            String to,
            String cc,
            String subject,
            String body,
            String attachments);
  2. Add your assembly and class information into the AgilePoint Server configuration file netflow.cfg. For example:
            .. ..
            <notification mode="true"       
            .. ..

    Where EasyMailForSMTP is the assembly name and CustomSMTP.EasyMailForSMTPService is the class name.