New User Added screen

Lets you add one more user for your AgilePoint NX environment or assign access rights to the user.

Figure: Create New User screen

Create New User screen

Video: Add a User and Assign Access Rights


How to Start

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Click Admin Settings.

    Click Admin Settings
  3. In the Add Users section, on the Single User tab, click Register User From Manage Center.

    Click Portal Branding
  4. On the Create New User screen, complete the fields as necessary.

    Create New User screen
  5. Click Add User.

    Click Add User


Field Name Definition

New User

Opens this Screen:
Create New User screen
Function of this Screen:
Lets you add a user to AgilePoint NX.

Access Rights

Opens this Screen:
New User Access Rights screen
Function of this Screen:
Lets you give roles to an AgilePoint user in your AgilePoint NX environment.