Change the Properties of More than One Control on an eForm

To change the properties of more than one form control at one time in an eForm, do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: Bulk Edit

Bulk Edit

Background and Setup

Video: eForm Builder Interface

How to Start

  1. Open eForm Builder.

    For information about how to open this screen, refer to eForm Builder screen.

    Eform Builder screen


  1. On the eForm Builder screen, click Clipboard > Bulk Edit.

    Click Bulk Edit
  2. On the Edit Fields screen, in the Filter Properties field, select the form control properties to change.

    Some properties are selected by default. Field Type, Label, and Internal Name cannot be deselected.

    Select Form Control Properties
  3. Click Ok.
  4. Make changes as necessary to the properties of your form controls.

    Change Form Control Properties