How Do I Use the SharePoint Logs to Troubleshoot a Problem?


The SharePoint process does not run correctly and the app designer wants to find out more information about the problem.


Many different problems could cause the issue.


Do one of these.

Type of LogsLocationInformation in this Log More Information

SPSIntegration Logs

On the primary SharePoint Server machine.

You can find the log location using the AgilePoint Configuration List.

Errors that occur in connection to SharePoint from a process

SPCSOMAgileConnector Logs

On the AgilePoint Server machine:

(AgilePoint Server installation folder) C:\Program Files\AgilePoint\AgilePoint Server\log

Errors that occur in SharePoint activities.

ULS Logs

On the AgilePoint Server machine:

[SharePoint server port number folder]\log

Issues that occur in the SharePoint environment. Error messages shown to the user with a Correlation ID.
  • SharePoint ULS Logs can be searched using the Correlation ID to get the detailed error messages.

Event Viewer

On the AgilePoint Server machine:

Click Start menu > Search Box > Run > enter eventvwr > Applications and Services Logs > AgilePoint.