Why Does AgilePoint NX Not Show in My Web Browser?


When viewing the AgilePoint NX Portal or an eForm, your web browser shows a blank screen, or some items on the page have not loaded properly.


  • Your network might be slow, or you may have some connectivity issues.
  • The API may not have loaded completely.
  • There is a JavaScript error.


On your browser, do this procedure to find the cause of the issue, and then fix the issue as necessary:
  1. Check your local network connection.
  2. Click the F12 key on your machine.
  3. Click the Network tab, and identify the page elements that are slow. These could be JavaScript, CSS, images, or other media.

    The first time you open the panel it may be empty. Reload the page to start recording, or wait for network activity to occur in your application.

  4. Click the Console tab, and identify any errors in the JavaScript.