Why is Performance Slow on CheckAuthenticated Surrogate API Calls?


When making CheckAuthenticated Surrogate API calls in a client application the API calls take almost 400 milliseconds (ms) for a round trip.


There is a default setting (not related to AgilePoint) on the client machine that manifests on a header being exchanged between the client and the server. This influences the communication latency affecting the perceived overall response of the server to the client request. Such behavior occurs (by default is set to true) based on the Expect100Continue and useNagleAlgorithm attributes on the <servicePointManager/> node in the client's web.config .


The resolution is to switch expect100Continue and useNagleAlgorithm attributes to false in the web.config of the client application.


    <servicePointManager expect100Continue="false" useNagleAlgorithm="false"/>

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