Outlook Task Manager screen

Lets you do a number of actions directly from an Outlook e-mail, depending upon their permissions and the context of the task.

Figure: Outlook Task Manager screen

Outlook Task Manager screen


How to Start

  1. In Microsoft 365, open the AgilePoint NX Task Manager for Outlook app.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. In your Outlook e-mail, on the Apps Bar, click AgilePoint NX.


Field NameDefinition
View Process
Opens this Screen:
Opens the process in the Process Viewer.
Opens this Screen:
Reassign Task screen
Function of this Screen:
Lets you assign the task to a different user.
Approve Task
Approves the task if the e-mail is a task approval e-mail.

For more information, refer to Email Template Configuration screen.

Cancel Process
Cancels the selected processes, or the processes associated with the selected tasks.
Cancel Task
Cancels the selected tasks.