Outlook Task Manager

The Outlook Task Manager for AgilePoint NX lets you use an AgilePoint NX app workflow seamlessly within an e-mail in Outlook for Microsoft 365. This can increase your productivity when you use Outlook on any device.

With AgilePoint NX Task Manager for Outlook, users can do a number of actions directly from an Outlook e-mail, depending upon their permissions and the context of the task:

  • Complete a task.
  • Approve or reject a request.
  • Add comments to tasks or approvals.
  • See a live picture of the process status.
  • Reassign a task to another user.
  • Cancel a task.
  • Cancel a process.
  • Move a process forward without opening a web browser.

AgilePoint NX Task Manager for Outlook activates when receiving any task assignment e-mail from AgilePoint NX Workflow. Just open the AgilePoint NX Task Manager for Outlook, and select from the list of available actions in context of the task and user permissions.

Figure: Outlook Task Manager screen

Outlook Task Manager screen