Starred Activities tab

The Starred Activities tab shows a list of activities that app designers mark for easy access.

Figure: Starred Activities tab

Starred Activities tab


Good to Know

  • Starred activities are used for easy access to activities that are frequently used with no configuration values specified..
  • You can add a star to any activity, and it shows on the Starred Activities tab.
  • Starred activities are different from Saved activities:
    • Saved activities include configuration values that are specified in an activity that has been configured in an app. This lets app designers reuse configured activities.
    • Saved activities can be shared with other app designers in an AgilePoint NX environment.
  • By default, the Starred Activities tab does not show in Process Builder. The Starred Activities tab shows after an app designer adds a Star to an activity.

How to Start

  1. Open Process Builder.

    For information about how to open this screen, refer to Process Builder.

    Open Process Builder
  2. In Process Builder, in the Activity Library, open any activity tab.

    Open Data Entities tab
  3. Hover the cursor over any activity, and click Star Star icon.

    Click Starred
  4. In the Activity Library, open the Starred Activities Starred Activities icon tab.

    Open Starred Activities

    The Starred Activities tab shows the activities you have starred.

    Click Starred