Rollback Process Instance

API Type

Web Services


Rolls a process instance back to a previous specified activity, or skips a specified activity that has not yet been started.

Good to Know

  • When this method is invoked, the current or skipped activity becomes Cancelled. When skipping, the process moves forward regardless of the activity's status.
  • This API can be called on process instances in running status only.
  • This API call cancels all the active activity instances and rollbacks or jumps to a specified activity.
  • To call this method, the API account user must have the access right, Rollback a Process.


public virtual WFEvent RollbackProcInst(String activityInstanceID)


Name Description


The unique ID for an activity instance.
Accepted Values:
A valid activity instance ID.


WFEvent object that provides the status of the transaction. The possible statuses are:

  • Sent - Indicates event has been sent to engine for processing.
  • Failed - Indicates event failed to process.
  • Processed - Indicates event has been processed successfully.
  • Canceled - Indicates event was canceled.
  • Deferred - Indicates event does not need to be sent immediately.


//This is console application sample
IWFWorkflowService svc = GetWorkflowService();
string activityInstanceID = ..// target activity instance to roll back

    WFEvent evt = workflowService.RollbackProcInst(activityInstanceID);

catch (Exception ex)
    Console.WriteLine("Failed! " + ShUtil.GetSoapMessage(ex));

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