Get Process Instance Attributes

API Type

Web Services


Gets the name-value pairs of process attributes (custom attributes) with the specified process instance ID.


public virtual NameValue[] GetProcInstAttrs(String processInstanceID)


Name Description


A process instance ID for the process instance you are creating.
Accepted Values:
A unique, 32 character process instance ID.

If you set this value to null, the AgilePoint Server generates the ID.


Name Description
DefID The ID of the process definition.
DefName The name of the process definition.
ProcInstName The name of the process instance.
Status The current status of the process instance.
SuperProcInstID The parent process instance ID.
workObjectID The ID of the work object.
StartDate The date and time when the process instance was started.
DueDate The date that the process instance is expected to be complete
LastModifiedDate The date and time that the last modification was made to the process instance.


Array of NameValue objects that holds the values of all the requested attributes.


// This is console application sample
IWFWorkflowService svc = GetWorkflowService();
string processInstanceID = …// process instance ID
NameValue[] attributes = svc.GetProcInstAttrs(processInstanceID);
for (int i = 0; i < attributes.Length; i++)
    NameValue nv = attributes[i];
    Console.WriteLine("Process Instance Attribute, {0}={1}", nv.Name, nv.Value);

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