Scope for AgilePoint Server Performance

The scope of the performance testing is to determine the following:
  • Time taken to complete 5,000 process instances of a workflow that has 8 eForms, 6 web services, 18 Database activities, 1 Condition activity, 1 Or activity, 1 Start activity, and 1 Stop activity.

    The started time of the first process instance and completed time of the 5,000 (last) process instance is calculated. The difference gives us the time taken to complete 5,000 process instances.

  • Average time taken to execute a single activity.

    The time difference between process instance started date and completed date is calculated for each of the 50 process instance. The average is then calculated. This is then divided by 36 (including the Start and Stop process activities) to get the average time taken to execute a single activity.

  • Number of Process Instances that can be completed in 1 hr.

    A large number of process instances are initiated. The number of process instances completed in 1 hr is calculated.