AgilePoint NX Mobile App

The AgilePoint NX Mobile App is a mobile app to view and manage tasks in an AgilePoint app on an iOS or Android device. The AgilePoint NX Mobile App provides similar functionality to the Modern Work Center on a mobile device.

  • My Tasks / My Team manages the tasks assigned to you or your team.
  • My Apps provides a list of apps that have been published for your use. Click any app to start a new instance.
  • Outbox shows eForms and tasks that have been submitted in offline mode. These forms are synchronized with the AgilePoint NX system once the mobile app is online.
  • My Planned Tasks provides a list of events, appointments, and tasks added to your planner. You can set specific due dates and track your events, appointments, and tasks each day.
  • Watchlist provides a list of running processes added to your watchlist whose status you want to track.
Figure: Mobile App

Mobile App Home screen


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