Configure Application Routing for Report Center (Deprecated)

If AgilePoint Server is configured to use SSL, you must configure AgilePoint NX to redirect to Report Center. To configure the redirect for Report Center, do the procedure in this topic.

Note: The Report Center component (sometimes referred to as AgileReports) can only be used by customers who purchased this component before April 1, 2020. This version is no longer available for purchase, including by current and previous purchasers of AgilePoint NX or the Report Center component. In AgilePoint NX v8.0 and higher, Report Center has been replaced with the Analytics Center component.


How to Start

  1. On the AgilePoint Server machine, open IIS Manager.


  1. On the Internet Information (IIS) Services Manager screen, in the left pane, click the server name for the AgilePoint Server machine.
  2. In the IIS section, double-click Application Request Routing.
  3. On the right pane, in the Proxy section, click Server Proxy Settings.
  4. On the Application Request Routing screen, click Enable proxy.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. In the left pane, click the server name for the AgilePoint Server machine.
  7. In the IIS section, double-click URL Rewrite.
  8. On the right pane, in the Actions section, click Add Rules.
  9. On the Add Rules screen, in the Inbound rules section, double-click Blank rule.
  10. On the Edit Inbound Rule screen, in the Name field, enter ReportCenter.

    You can change this name if necessary.

  11. In the Match URL section, in the Pattern field, enter AgileReports/(.*).
  12. In the Conditions section, click Add.
  13. On the Add Condition screen, in the Condition input field, enter {HTTP_HOST}.
  14. In the Pattern field, enter ^fullyqualifiedURL$.
  15. In the Server Variables section, click Add.
  16. On the Set Server Variable screen, in the Server variable name, enter HTTP_X_ORIGINAL_ACCEPT_ENCODING.
  17. In the Value field, enter {HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING}.
  18. In the Action section, in the Rewrite URL field, enter a URL in this format:

    http://localhost:[Report Center port]/AgileReports/{R:1}



    Even though this URL uses the http protocol, the Report Center is served through AgilePoint NX Portal, which is encrypted.

  19. On the AgilePoint NX Portal machine, in a text editor, open the file [AgilePoint NX Portal web site installation folder]\Web.config.
  20. Change the value of the ReportsExternalAppPath key to /AgileReports.


    <add key="ReportsExternalAppPath" value="/AgileReports">