Why Are Notifications In Deferred Status?


Notification e-mails appear in the deferred status in the notification queue for several minutes before being sent.

Good to Know

  • This issue can have more than one cause.

Many E-mail Deliverables in Queue


There are numerous mail deliverables in the queue, and especially there are a number of failed e-mails that are being resent repeatedly.


  1. In a text editor, open the netflow.cfg file for AgilePoint Server.
  2. In the <notification> node, decrease the maxRetryFailedMail attribute. The default value is 32.
    <notification mode="true" 
                format="text" mailServer="smtp.dslextreme.com" 
                maxRetryFailedMail="10" />

Deferred Time Setting


Under normal operations, notifications can appear in the deferred status if the Deferred Time property is set in the E-mail activity is configured for a value greater than zero.


Make sure the notifications in question are not being delayed because the Deferred Time property within an E-mail activity.